Textile Partners: would you like to recycle your Production wastes?

How's it going ?

Send us a sample of your textile to be recycled

Send us a sample of your textile materials to be recycled: then give us some info on composition, monthly tonnage, storage places and current packaging.

Samples’ analysis

After analysis and matching with our manufacturing process, we’ll get back to you shortly.

Pulling and felt manufacturing trials

If your materials are of interest to us, then we can carry out pulling tests (minimum quantity 500 kg).

Logistic validation

Materials sorting is to be carried out by supplier’s company: it should not include foreign materials ( e.g. wood,, metals, plastics, or other dangerous materials that cannot be processed in our pulling). The materials must be baled for storage and logistics. Small bales should be packed on shrink wrap pallets.

Upgrading / recycling process

Water free process!

Why recycle your production waste?